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10 of the World’s Craziest Gadgets

We all love gadgetry and innovations that are a little shall we say, off the wall.  But here are ten of the most imaginative technological creations that are out there in the world today:

Vacuum shoes

Literally, shoes which suck up dust and dirt as you walk around on the carpet.  Designed by the Japanese firm Denso, the vacuum shoe has a pedal in the heel which activates the motor, beginning the process of sucking up debris as you walk.  Sadly this piece of Far Eastern wizardry has yet to progress beyond the experimental stage.

Project Valerie

A standard-sized laptop with three screens!  It’s a simple but awesome concept – when you want a panoramic view of whatever it is you have on your computer screen, how useful would a device be which has fold-out side-screens that appear alongside the standard screen atop the keyboard?  

AI Toothbrush

We’ve had electric toothbrushes for a long time, but this baby features its own built-in processor which uses incorporated algorithms to gather intelligence about the user’s brushing habits, providing for a more bespoke cleaning experience.


A Bluetooth headset worn around the mouth which muffles the voice of the user, to respect confidentiality or even just to silence somebody irritating.  Despite its unorthodox location the Hushme allows the user to communicate lucidly with the intended party.

Touchscreen fridge door

From the usually conservative LG.  Not only can you use it to automatically order groceries but it also has the capability to turn transparent, thereby enabling you to take a look inside the fridge without actually having to open it.

Emotion-sensitive camera

The Hubble Hugo smart camera uses facial recognition to detect your mood.  Very useful if you are a baby who requires some soothing music or a story to induce a return to sleep.  The Hugo is also able to distinguish between animals and humans, thus not triggering a security alert whenever the cat runs through the line of detection.


Smart walking stick

From the French manufacturer Dring, the cane with a brain is able to learn the user’s habits and to detect any out-of-place activity on his or her part, such as slipping over.  When properly configured it can then send a text or an e-mail to a friend or relative, alerting them to potential difficulty.

Hair-growing helmet

Designed by Apira Science, this wonderful piece of kit blasts the scalp with a combination of LED and lasers to stimulate hair growth in the follically challenged.

Aquatic drone

A waterproof fish-finder which plunges into the depths and uses a sonar system to detect fish and to send pictures back to the user.

Solar bikini

Swimwear which generates solar energy for your iPhone or smartphone whilst showing off your figure.  This superb piece of ingenuity is the brainchild of American designer Andrew Schneider, who claims to be working on a male version called the iDrink which will produce enough power to keep a beer cool.  Very stereotypical – and very smart.