If you’ve been around even for a very short lifetime you will have witnessed the exponential growth of technology and gadgetry that has taken place all around us.  It’s hard to imagine that just a quarter of a century ago those relatively few people who owned a mobile telephone were carrying it around clipped to their belts, weighed down to one side and having always to be mindful of a protruding aerial which had the potential to cause them, or anybody standing close to them, a major and possibly embarrassing injury.

The internet, e-mail, communications technology, social media and all of these other developments have happened upon us during such a short space of time that many have inevitably struggled to keep up with it all.  

And it’s not just in the world of communications that we have moved forward so rapidly.  Anybody walking into a coffee shop a decade or two ago and who asked what the options were would have been told they could have it white or black.  With sugar or without.  One lump or two.  Now even in countries without a coffee drinking tradition baristas are on hand in every high street to serve up a latte, a frappé or a rich satisfying mocha made to your precise specifications.  What’s not to like?

About Me

I am Sarah Koga, but my friends call me SK.  I work as a Teaching Assistant in the Technology Centre of the University of Amsterdam (if any of my students are reading this then feel free to keep this to yourself!).  When I am not helping out with the tutoring I am pursuing my passion, which is exploring new technology and working with electronic gadgets of varying degrees of sophistication and complexity.  You can see my photographs here on Facebook.

There is little that I more enjoy than to write down my thoughts on the latest products which are available on the market, giving my opinion on both their functionality and their practical benefit to potential users.  I pull no punches, but I’m also a sucker for a smartphone and infatuated by invention.

Get Involved, Help Me Build the Blog

I want to build this blog as a living resource for enthusiasts of all things electrical.  Whether it is the latest fridge freezer or a tablet or laptop brimming with new features that excites you, this is the place where I will be talking all about it.  And I want to talk to you too, and to read your comments and all your ideas.

When I began this blog back in 2008 it was something of a labour of love, and I was pleased just to be getting about fifteen visitors each month.  Today it is attracting over a thousand and continues to grow.

Please stick around and take a look inside.  Better still, why not submit an article or two for publication, or advertise on this website?  If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the site.